5. International Piano Competition
14. International Master Classes
10 – 14 July 2023
5. International Piano Competition will be held on 2024.
  • expand_moreMaster Classes (7 – 26 years)
    Master Classes led by renowned professors, with the aim of helping young pianists on their way to the art of the piano playing.
    Zuzana Niederdorfer
    picture_as_pdf curriculum vitae
    Course fee
    Application deadline: June 10th 2023

    Category: 15-26 years - 1 lesson: 60€.
    Category: 7-14 years - 1 lesson: 30€.
    Passive participant: 20€ per 1 day.
    Course fee must be paid to this account:
    IBAN: SK21 0900 0000 0051 6531 5003
    Variable symbol: date of birth (DDMMYYYY) and enter your name in the message for the recipient.
    Course participants pay for their own accommodation. They can ask for help with booking accommodation.
    In case of cancellation of the courses by the organization, all received fees will be refunded by the participants.

    In case of payment of the fee and non-participation in the Master Classes, the fee will not be refunded.

    The course participant agrees with the photo documentation, which can be used to promote the Master Classes.
    Application form
  • expand_morePreschool courses (3 – 6 years)
    Interactive performances, workshops to support the development of musical feelings in children, to provide practical contact with musical instruments. The aim of the collective lesson is to lead children to a positive attitude towards music, to improve perceptive power, memory, and fine motor skills.

    Veronika Chmeliarová
    picture_as_pdf curriculum vitae
    Course fee
    The collective lesson will take place in a maximum of 10 children in one group

    Application deadline: July 6th 2023

    5 days package (10. – 14. 7. 2023): 30€ per 1 child
    In the case of siblings, a discount is possible.
    One-day entry costs 8€ per 1 child.
    Obligation to accompany a child under 4 years.
    Free accompany entry (parents, grandparents, kindergarten teacher).
    Passive participant can take a part of preschool courses only after communication with the lector.

    The course participant agrees with the photo documentation, which can be used to promote the Preschool Classes.
    Application form

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